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A mountain town in the Swiss Alps, known as a source for natural stone and where renowned architect Peter Zumthor built the world-famous Therme Vals.

We are a studio that specializes in the aesthetics of concrete.

Our distinctive Vals Stone furnishings, pavers, and outdoor elements are hand-crafted with a passion and meticulous attention to detail that transforms beautiful spaces.

From Todd Hart, Creative Director

Visiting the Therme Vals and observing the interaction of the elements—stone, concrete, light, and water—was inspirational and has served to guide my vision in establishing Atelier Vals. With over 40 years in the hardscape industry, I set out to do things differently–to collaborate with the people and projects who appreciate a higher level of detail; who have an expectation of direct, personal attention throughout the construction process; and who demand a product of the highest quality.

Create a space that lasts a lifetime.

Vals Stone furnishings and tiles are composed of the finest aggregates, portland cement, and white silica sand. Every piece is handcrafted in a climate-controlled environment within the Louisville Underground to create a consistent and durable product that is easy to install across applications. Our non-slip, heat and freeze/thaw resistant products endure timelessly as patios, pools, porches, walkways, and more.

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How can our 40 years of experience best serve you?

Atelier Vals is more than a source for precast stone. We are your co-creators in a process defined by a consistent personal touch, resulting in beautiful places that last.

If you would like to observe the exceptional quality of Vals Stone in person, please visit one of our many partner locations within the United States.


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